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Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG1100-1A Watch

Casio opens a new MT-G door with a hardcore techy looking fake watch that steps in the room punching and glistening with impressive watch-ular (new made up word) curves. The new model MTG1100-1A looks like the love child of Robocop's cybernetic innards and an industrial crane. Just looking at the dial it is hard to appreciate all that the fake watch does, or it. It is easier to take the piece apart by function or feature to fully appreciate a fake watch like this.

First, the MT-G replica watches in the G-Shock line have always been close to the top in terms of quality and durability. They are really only topped by lines such as the MR-G, that have cases done in DLC. The fake watch has a number of "hidden features?that aren't so much functions, but make the fake watch that much less something you need to worry about. It gives me the opportunity as well to discuss again the Casio "Tough Movement?(on the fake watch as "Tough MVT?. These can be found in some newer analog Casio watches. The point of them is to be self correcting when the fake watch experiences shock. A small LED light checks the calibrations of the hands each hour to make sure they are perfect. If they are not, the movement realigns itself ?brilliant. No more misaligned hands, something that drives me nuts. ALL high-end quartz movements need this! Plus, the hands are all cut from lightweight aluminum. The case itself highly shock resistant as well. With a metal cage for the movement and a shock absorbing bezel.

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While this is starting to sound common place, the fake watch is light powered, so it never needs a battery, and is also a 6 band atomic clock radio controlled watch. Meaning that if you are in most civilized parts of the world, you are in range of atomic clock radio signals that keep the fake watch perma-accurate (newest radio tower for an atomic clock is in China I believe. Others are in the US, two in Japan, Germany. and the UK). Other features include a calendar, 1/100 of a second chronograph, 29 city world timer, GMT time, and an alarm. There may be more functions, I am getting dizzy just thinking about all that the fake watch does. Casio will no doubt provide one of its famous thick manuals with the watch. I think the purpose of them is to get you impressed with all the engineering time they put into these MT-G watches.

The MTG1100-1A features a lot more stainless steel in the construction that some of the other Casio G-Shock models that are mostly resin. This upgrades the look a lot. The pieces looks similar to some of the newer Casio Edifice pieces as well. It takes the G-Shock series in a welcome new direction. Giving you a new reason to notice the do anything, go anywhere watches. For whatever reason Casio didn't give me details about the size of the watch, or things like water resistance. Probably 200 meters for latter. Expect size to be on par with most other Casio G-Shock replica watches (not too big or too small ?how is that for specific?). You know you want one ?I sure do. I feel like each new Casio G-Shock fake watch I get helps repair my lost childhood dreams little by little (I felt like a tech starved youth!). The Casio G-Shock MT-G ref. MTG1100-1A should be available now for a retail price of $550 (street price likely a bit less).

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